“I LOVE food. Even though I’m active, I always feel like I eat too
much, and over the last year, I’ve started to notice the symptoms of my
assumption. After I began working with Misty to track my food intake,
it became obvious that the OPPOSITE was true! I haven’t been eating
enough, and my body has been in low-key-waiting-for-starvation mode.
Misty helped me develop a goal and a plan in order to make sure I have
the fuel I need for my lifestyle. It has been a challenge but having
access to the Mind, Body and Health by Misty community has helped me
realize how important it is to have a full and balanced intake of

Thanks again! I’m still struggling to hit my protein goal daily-
eating a lot of dairy seems to do the trick but I’m starting to get
sick of that. BUT I picked up some new products packed with protein so
hopefully they will be easy enough to incorporate.


Misty is a great asset to anyone looking to achieve a better perspective of fitness and overall health. She is willing to provide you with the tools to help you to be successful and who is going to put in the work with you each step of the way. She is definitely a little firecracker who isn’t afraid to point you in the right direction if you have gotten off track. Some days I felt like I had a little Misty in my pocket (I probably could’ve put her into my pocket now that I think about it).

I was hesitant when starting with Misty due to an experience I had with another coach. I needed someone who was willing to be more than just an e-mail once a week. She was willing to meet in person or call to discuss my struggles or my achievements throughout the process. I felt like I had someone I could count on. I wasn’t just another client on her list.

I would recommend Misty to anyone who is ready to make a change. She will be there for you and understands your struggles. So grateful to have Misty as my health coach and friend.