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First things first, nothing says that you have to track your macro a 100% during your vacation! But lets get real, clearly you have committed to being a better you if you have to make the decision to track or not to track while away. Whether you’re just starting out, in the middle of you journey, or you have hit your goals, the reality is whatever you do during your vaca will have an effect on what you have accomplished thus far. To help you stress less and relax, since that’s exactly what you should be doing on your vacation, I am sharing a few tips and tricks to keep you going strong.

Tip #1: Define your goals! How long do you want it to take to hit them?

Once you define your goals analyze the food aspect of your trip. This means you will have to decide what you will track depending on the goals you have set. Say you are fully committed and you have a goal and a timeframe and nothing is going to stand in your way, well then you go girl, and looks like you will be completely tracking carbs, protein and fat! Say you are doing great but have decided that a little bit of … is just what you need however you’d like it to be easy to jump back into the swing of things once you’re home, then tracking your protein only & calories might be your perfect fit! What if you are in need of a break and ready to live it up, then hey it’s all-good, you are not going to track at all.

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Tip #2: Bring your PROTEIN!

If you’re tracking all the way or proteins only, make sure you make a conscious decision to bring protein options. You will most likely be eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner, therefore carbs and fats will not be a problem. Be mindful about what you pack! If you’re flying you may get stopped, and nobody’s got time for that. So no creamy dips, condiments, dressings or salsas; unless you’re driving then everything is fair game! I have listed some easy packable protein options.

– Protein powder (pre measure and put in individual bags! All you will need is water, then shake it up and drink! Will it be amazing? Yes, okay not really but it will get the job done.)

– Tuna packets (These are super simple and already individual servings.)

– Beef jerky or my favorite turkey jerky

– Collegen powder

– Almonds or other nuts (Be mindful of the fat.)

protein idea

Tip #3: AMAZON PANTRY and/or meal prep services for the win!

Oh my gosh, seriously Amazon Pantry is a game changer for staying on track during vacations! You can literarily go on and order perishable and nonperishable foods and have them delivered right to your hotel! So for all my peeps that eat Greek yogurt and other foods that are not ideal for packing you can still get them. Another option is using a meal prep service like “Fit Choice Foods” (this is an AZ example.)


Everyone needs a vacation and it’s totally fine to just go all out and enjoy yourself, however when you want to stay on track I hope these tips will help!

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