Keep your fruits & veggies fresher longer!

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If you are living or thinking of living a healthy life style, whether it’s counting macros or something similar, you are probably aware that it involves a whole lot of fresh foods! Well… let’s talk about preserving them, because no one likes to throw away food (money)! There are all kinds of great options when you are in the market for preserving fresh foods. They have some really nifty ones that are made specifically for fresh fruits and vegetables called Food Huggers. These super handy kitchen gadgets help to preserve fresh fruits, and vegetables just a bit longer and are a much better alternative to plastic wrap. They are a win, win because they keep your foods fresh and planet Earth a little bit cleaner.

Food Huggers are made from silicone and designed to create a seal around the unused portion of the fruit or vegetable. This is great because as you probably know most fruits and vegetables will turn brown and go bad quickly once they have been cut. Food Huggers are also reusable and freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe! Love avocados? They even have a food hugger designed specifically for the avocado!


I cannot tell you how nice it is to use only the amount of food that I need. I’m sure most people can relate to trying to use a full fruit or veggie at once just to keep it from going bad. Not to mention the money I have saved by preserving them. It’s wonderful to pull a half-used bell pepper out of the fridge and take off the Food Hugger and boom just as fresh and crisp as if it was just bought!

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