Success Tools for Tracking Macros

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If you are living a macro lifestyle, you are aware that tracking your macros are very important. Counting macros can be a little confusing at first, but I am here to help along the way. I know you can do it, I will be here to encourage and support you the whole time. I have also created a list of helpful tools to set you up for success with tracking your macros! With these tools and me by your side, a healthier you is just around the corner!

My Fitness Pal – This is a free app (you can also upgrade to a paid version for more options) that tracks your macros and calories. It has a huge database of foods and even a bar code scanner! You can also add your own recipes and it will give you the nutrition facts. This is a must have in my opinion to be successful at tracking macros.

*Click here to go to my step by step My Fitness Pal set up! I walk you through the whole thing making it super easy for you to start tracking!

Map My Fitness – This is a free app that tracks your workouts and even allows you to compete against yourself and others!

Digital Food Scale – You want to be very precise with your portion sizes for both fresh foods and packaged foods when counting macros. You can get them at most stores like Target, Walmart, or order one of off Amazon.

Body Scale – Yep you guessed it, this is to track your weight!

Measuring Tape – You will need this to take body measurements that way you can track your progress over time of fat lost and lean muscle gained.

Meal Plan Approach – One thing you can do to ensure your success of living a macro lifestyle is to meal plan. By planning out all of your meals and even prepping them beforehand will help you to make healthy choices. You can meal plan any way you want, there is no wrong way, just do it. You can download an app, or just use a calendar.  

I promise each of these items on the list are must haves for tracking macros. They will help you make healthy choices and track your amazing progress!



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