Gas Station Haul, Macro Style!

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Imagine this…

Scenario #1: You’re a busy momma (or dad) and school is back in session. You have planned everything out meticulously and the first day of your busy school year is going smoothly, kids have been dropped off, errands are in order, you are good to go! Until, all of a sudden you are starving and realize it’s 12:45 and you still have a couple things to do and have to get gas before picking up kids.

Scenario #2: You’re on a road trip and it’s going great! You are so excited because you have been planning it for a while and you’re going to see all kinds of fun and exciting things along the way while heading to your destination. Everything is loaded, and nothing was forgotten, except the food!

Okay while neither of these scenarios are ideal for someone living the macro lifestyle, trust me I know all too well, they totally happen. Not to worry, I actually logged one of my gas station hauls just for you! So next time you are super busy or on a trip you will already know there is a silver lining even if you have to scavenge a gas station! I know this is not the most desirable or most satisfying food options, but it’s an option for when you’re in a bind. 



  • Keep in mind that the numbers below are for the specific brand items, you can use whatever brand is available for similar items. 

Quikmart Fresh Chef Salad, 10oz: Calories-206, Carbs-9, Fat-13, Protein-29, Fiber-3, Sugars-3

Red Dragon Grapes, 1 cup: Calories-101, Carbs-24, Fat-0, Protein-1, Fiber-1, Sugars-20

Quest Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Protein Bar, 1 bar: Calories-190, Carbs-22, Fat-7, Protein-20, Fiber-15, Sugars-1

Sargento String Cheese Mozzarella, 1 stick: Calories-80, Carbs-0, Fat-6, Protein-8, Fiber-0, Sugars-0

Chobani Blueberry Greek Yogurt, 1 container, 5.3oz: Calories-120, Carbs-18, Fat-0, Protein-12, Fiber-1, Sugars-15

Van Holten’s Hearty Dill Pickle, 1oz: Calories-0, Carbs-1, Fat-0, Protein-0, Fiber-0, Sugars-0

Shamrock Farms Low Fat Cottage Cheese, 1 cup: Calories-200, Carbs-10, Fat-4, Protein-26, Fiber-0, Sugars-8


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