Is YOUR life cluttered?

January is here! Everyone I know is binging episodes of Marie Kondo’s new show on Netflix called “Tidying Up.” I read the book a few years back and de cluttered my whole house. It felt so good! I was so excited when I heard she had a show because I knew the motivation it would bring. We moved into our new house about 7 months ago now and I was feeling like some things were taking over, didn’t bring me joy, or where not organized how I would like. If you know me I love organization.

If you have kids you can relate to how after Christmas it feels like a toy store exploded in your home. Over Christmas break the playroom was tackled. When it was completed everything had a place and the room just had a sense of ease to it. My kids’ rooms are completely organized from top to bottom as well. My son who is 9 said he has been sleeping so much better. You don’t realize the negative impacts of clutter until it’s removed.


All the toys



Clutter actually affects your brain! Pick any cluttered spot of your choice whether it’s in your home, work, or car. Those excess items surrounding you have a negative impact on your ability to focus and process information. Not only does the clutter compete for your attention, it overloads your senses and increases your stress levels.

How does stress affect your body you ask? Not pleasantly!

Stress on the body can show up with sleep problems, muscle tension, fatigue, etc.

Stress on your mood can show up like anxiety, lack of motivation, depression, etc.

Affects of stress on your health show up like overeating or under eating, little exercise, addiction, etc.

What I like about Marie Kondo’s style of organizing is that she takes you through something easier first like dealing with your clothes. If you currently have clothes in your closet that do not fit you they NEED to go. They are taking up physical space and mental space as well.

If you find it hard to make better decisions with food then you need to clear that clutter out of your house too. Fill up your fridge and pantry with items that fuel your body. If you love Oreos then maybe instead of buying a regular package of them you buy only one snack size. Less room to binge while still satisfying the craving.

This isn’t a one time and done. It takes effort to keep your space from reverting back. Pick a day this week to tackle de cluttering and let me know how you feel when it’s done.

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