Taking yoga with a beginners mindset

I remember my first yoga class I ever took. Well my kind of yoga class I first took. I say kind of because it was actually a Modern Dance class at ASU but my professor added in some yoga elements. The class was 3 hours long, 3 days a week, so we definitely had time to spare. First semester’s teacher incorporated mostly the meditation side and Thai Massage. We definitely looked forward to the massages, as we were constantly sore. Second semester’s teacher did Sun Salutations in our warm ups. I had no clue what I was doing other than the ability to just fake it till you make it. Have you ever had to do that?

When you first start taking yoga it can feel uncomfortable. Maybe you just never go because you don’t want to feel confused but Yoga takes a lifetime to learn. There are so many aspects that just can’t be taught in every 60 minute class. As the old saying goes “you have to start somewhere.” It’s okay to be a beginner! It’s okay to be in a season of learning or even a lifetime of learning. Yoga teaches you patience that I know for sure.

Overall I have been taking yoga on and off for about 14 years. I learn something new all the time about my practice and that excites me.

It wasn’t until 2 years ago that I decided to go get my Yoga certification. It was the right time and I was ready to learn more. I gave up a lot of my weekends to get my 200 hours in but it was worth it. Yoga teacher training is not the path for everyone and that’s okay.

I developed this 4-week Beginners yoga series because I wanted to get the foundations out there. I want people to walk into a class with confidence not because they are perfect but because they are willing to learn.

Even if you have been practicing for a long time I can guarantee you still have so much to learn about the poses you already think you know. Having a great foundation allows you to take your practice further in the future. Without a great foundation you will end up having to take a detour back to basics when you get stuck. Also, over use injuries are a thing so it’s better to learn the proper tools before you advance your practice.

Are you interested in learning more about my 4-week series? See below…


Join Misty Stachel for a 4 week yoga series to get you started in your yoga adventure or for those who would like a refresher. You will learn the fundamentals of the basic yoga poses seen in various yoga classes. In this series, each student will receive individual attention while learning each pose. In addition to the poses, you will be introduced to meditation techniques.  Each week will build upon another, so that you will feel comfortable stepping into any yoga class having the basic knowledge of poses.

Thursdays-4/4; 4/11; 4/18; 4/25 11A at Mountainside Fitness Arrowhead. 

$40 for the 4-week series.

Drop-ins are not available for this series. Pre-registration is necessary. No refunds.

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