My Top 5 Must- Have Products

I know we all have those favorite things in our lives that make things better. Those products that either make daily life easier or make us feel better. These 5 items are a few of my current favorite things…


  1. Mac Prep+Prime Fix+ : This product is a must have in my opinion, if you wear any kind of powder make up on your face. After you have applied all your powders you spray a little of this on your face and it melds all together for one classic finished look. It even enhances the products currently on your face. MUST-HAVE!




2. I love earrings! I am a pretty simple gal but I love to accessorize with statement earrings.  One of my absolute favorite places to buy my earrings is at Olive Street. The specific earrings I am wearing in this picture are Horn Earrings.


3. I keep my life together with my Passion Planner. I am a total pen to paper person and I love to keep my days organized with everything I need to accomplish. There is something really satisfying about highlighting or check marking an item on paper. I just don’t get the same satisfaction on my phone.


4. I LOVE music but lets be honest who doesn’t?! Spotify is great because I no longer have to buy each individual song and as a Group Fitness Instructor this is huge! A cheap monthly fee gets me access to every song. I have so many playlists and you can even download them to your phone so you don’t have to use your phone data. Another great feature is that you can follow your friends and get access to their public playlists. Do you want to see what I have been listening to? Check it out here.


5. Family dinners have been changed in my life since the Instant Pot came about. I love it’s multi functions and it used every single week! I have to prioritize my time with owning a business, teaching group fitness classes, and being a mom, so I need quick meals on the table. Are you new to using your IP or just want more recipes to try? Check out my favorite recipes using the Instant Pot.

I hope you love my favorite things as much as I do.

Talk soon.

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