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6 weeks ago I decided to start changing my hair products to see if I could help my hair start to grow again. My hair has refused to grow the past 4/5 years. I do have hypothyroidism so I know that plays a role but it can’t be the whole picture. Having naturally thin hair already I can’t afford to lose any hair. Some friends told me follow Jasmine Rae on Instagram for hair tips. Her tips are awesome and my hair started to change! This where my hair was starting 6 weeks ago.

IMG_5811 2

The first thing I did was change my brushes. I bought Wet Brush Shine Brush & Wet Brush Original Detangler.


The 2nd thing I did was I started committing to hair training meaning I go a set number of days in between washes. I stick with it and by the last day before a wash I throw a hat on if I need to. The point is that your hair will stop producing so much oil. If you keep washing everyday it will keep producing the oil.

On the day that I wash my hair I start first with L’ange Tonique Mint Shampoo which acts a clarifier and helps get any build up away. Making sure I am just washing my scalp and massaging it. After Rinse out.


Then I wash my hair again (yes a second time) with my regular shampoo. I still had a bunch left so I want to use it up plus I like it. It’s called Wella Brilliance.  Wash and Rinse.


After I wash 2x I then 1x a week use a Keratin Mask Conditioner that sits in for 5 minutes. First you towel dry, brush your hair, and then apply the mask. Let it sit for 5 minutes and then rinse. Keratin is protein for the hair.

My current schedule is 2x a week I wash my hair. One time I use the Keratin Mask and the other time I use the above Wella Conditioner.


After it’s all rinsed out. I towel dry my hair and apply these products listed below. All have been life changing. My hair has completely changed textures from this new way of washing my hair and use of products. My hair is actually soft now.

Smoothing Botanical balm, Replenish leave in conditioner, and Rival Heat Shield all go in my hair before blow drying. click here  to find these products.


After 1 week of making the change my hair started to transform. Here it is in order week 1, 2, and 3

IMG_6021 2

I also changed from a curling iron to a wand. Here is the one I purchased. The wand works so well with my hair and I actually can now have 2nd and even 3rd day curls. This picture below is 2nd day curls. Less heat on your hair the better for hair growth and hair health.



Try these tips out and see how your hair changes. Here I am week 1 and week 6. I am happy to be on the road to happier healthier hair. It’s possible for you too!



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