Self Care: My Favorite Face Products

If I were to give one piece of advice during this pandemic it would be to focus on self care! Our stress levels are high and maybe we are even experiencing some anxiety. I find that in order to keep my stress level managed I need to be using my favorite tools from my self care tool box.

One of my favorite self care rituals is using my daily and weekly face products. These products have been keeping my face clear and I am not seeing the breakouts I once was. I also love the glow these products give my face.

Daily face products

  1. I use the foaming face wash every day. I love that it’s a clean product but also that it has done a great job on my face and does a decent job of getting make up off.

2. I absolutely love the Andalou Revitalize Serum. I use this product day and night. My skin is always glowing with this product. A definite must try!

3. Insta Natural Retinol Moisturizer. This is another must try! I use this every night and have noticed a big difference in my face.

Weekly Face Products

Blackhead Power Liquid

Do you get black heads? COSRX blackhead power liquid can be used 2x a week. I currently have been using it 1x a week but have noticed a big difference using this products. I have less blackheads and my pores are getting smaller too.

I use the Andalou Glycolic Mask 1x a week. This product is my Friday ritual for self care! First of all it smells like fall, but secondly I absolutely love how my face looks after I use it. Love!

These are my favorite self care face products. Give them a try and see if you love them as much as I do.

Being Organized is another way I lower my stress. Try these tips for an organized pantry.

6 Simple Steps to an Organized Pantry. #4 is my Favorite.

When was the last time you organized your pantry? The pantry is one place that can get out of hand quickly if you don’t have a system of keeping it organized.

 Currently The CDC is recommending “having enough household items and groceries on hand so that you will be prepared to stay at home for a period of time.” If your pantry is a mess you probably have no clue how many days or weeks of food you have on hand. Even if you are not worried about Covid-19, it’s still probably a good idea to have food as the people who are panicking are clearing the shelves of basic necessities. 

Also because we are now practicing social distancing this makes it the perfect opportunity for getting organized at home, especially your pantry. Follow these 6 simple steps to organizing your pantry.

Step 1: Clear your Pantry out

Clear all the items out of your pantry. I know that probably seems like a lot of work but it’s the best way to get your pantry under control and what else do you have to do right now?!

Step 2: It’s time to purge

First step, is look at the expiration dates on all your items. This seems pretty self explanatory but throw out all the bad food. Additionally, If you pick up an item that is still good but your family won’t it eat it then place it in a box for donation.

Step 3: Wipe your shelves down

The pantry can be one of the most neglected areas so wipe those shelves and clean the floor if you have a walk in.

Step 4: storage solutions

My favorite part is storage solutions. Time to go shopping! Before buying a ton of storage items that might not work consider looking at how much space you have to work with and dimensions. Here are some storage solutions ideas for keeping that pantry organized.

pantry organization
Cereal containers
pantry organization
Airtight food storage containers
pantry organization
Storage Bins
pantry organization
Plastic Bins

Step 5: Organize by category

I like systems because systems should make your life easier. When you open your pantry you should be able to find what you need quickly.  I categorize all the baking items together, Breakfast items, kids snacks, etc. I decide what should be lower for my kids reach and which items should be higher.

Step 6: Bonus point organization step.

I like to have some easy meals on hand. For instance, I will have a bin labeled chili. All the pantry items to make it in labeled bin. Another one might be spaghetti.

Do you have a pantry organization tip, I would love to hear?

Do you love your Instant Pot as much as I do? Check out my must-have accessories, here.

Instant Pot

5 Must Have Instant Pot Accessories. #4 is an Absolute Must.

My number 1 used kitchen appliance is my Instant Pot! It should have a permanent place on my counter top because I use it so much. I can’t wait to show you my 5 must have Instant Pot accessories.

What is an Instant Pot?

Short answer is that an Instant Pot is the appliance of all appliances. The Long dictionary style answer is, an Instant Pot is a multi-cooker that does the job of a slow cooker, electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, sauté/browning pan, and warming pot. It’s a single appliance that does the job of seven different kitchen appliances or tools. It’s basically putting a lot of other appliances out of a job. 

Why should you get an Instant Pot?

Did you know an Instant Pot actually uses less energy than a slow cooker? 70% to be exact! Or that is speeds up cooking time 2-6x, according to official Instant Pot website. I am kind of a minimalist at heart so I love kitchen appliances that are multipurpose. For example, I can cook Mondays dinner on the pressure cooker setting, on Tuesday use the slow cooker function, and on Wednesday use the instant pot to steam veggies. You get the idea!

Also living in Arizona means extremely hot summers. I would rather use my IP than use my oven, purely on the fact that it doesn’t heat up my kitchen as much. 

What are Instant Pot accessories?

Instant Pot accessories are the items that didn’t come with the Instant pot when you purchased it, but in my option are a must have.

Top 5 must have Instant Pot accessories (in no particular order):

If you use your Instant pot under or near cabinets the steam released over time could cause water damage and warping. Great news though is the steam release diverter helps divert the steam out instead of straight up. To me this is a no brainer purchase and it’s so reasonably priced. I mean it’s cheaper than replacing cabinets when they get warped. This accessory is compatible for 3/5/6/8 quarts.

Instant Pot Steamer Basket
Instant Pot Steamer Basket

Who doesn’t love steamed fresh veggies. Using your Instant Pot to steam vegetables is one of the easiest ways to do it. It’s quick and easy. In addition, the steamer basket is a great accessories because it makes it so easy to pull the veggies out of the pot after its done steaming.

The steamer basket isn’t just for veggies though. How about using the steamer basket to make apple cider, chicken stock, or cooking eggs.

This item is compatible with 5/6/8 quart stove stop or electric pressure cookers.

Spring is here! You know what that means, Easter eggs. Hard boiled eggs get their time to shine in the spring. Hard boiled eggs alone makes purchasing an Instant Pot worth it.  Making HB eggs in the Instant Pot is actually the only way I will do it. They come out perfect every time! Not only that, peeling them is so easy! 

Using the egg steamer rack allows you to cook up 14 eggs at one time. Also, since the racks are stackable you can use one rack or two.

In addition to using these racks for making HB eggs, you could use one rack to allow you to cook multiple things at one times. For example, meat cooking on the bottom and potatoes on the rack above. Genius!

This item is compatible for Instant Pot 5/6/8 quarts.

Instant Pot Sealing Rings
Instant Pot Sealing rings

 I know I said this list was in no particular order but Instant Pot sealing rings should be your number 1 accessory that you purchase. Those rings start to hold an oder after a while. It’s a great idea to have one for savory items and one for sweets, trust me on this one!

These Instant Pot Sealing Rings work on 5/6 quart models.

Do you love Starbucks sous vide egg bites? Well now you can make your own. This product also comes a 5 egg bite recipes including a Starbucks version in the box. YES!

I like to buy items that have multiple uses. For instance, you also could use this mold to make oatmeal bites, pancake bites, bagel bites, and brownie bites. As you can see, ideas are endless with this egg bite mold.

Bonus points for being microwave safe, oven safe, and freezer safe. In addition, This works in Instant Pots 5/6/8 quart models.

Instant Pot

These 5 must have instant pot accessories are affordable and will give you even more ways to use your Instant Pot. I don’t know about you but I like to use my kitchen appliances to the fullest.

Do you have a favorite Instant pot accessory, I would love to hear? 

Do you need more Instant Pot recipe ideas? Check out my 10 top Instant Pot Recipes, here

How To Eat out: Spring Training Ballpark Edition

Baseball season is back! I don’t even care if you like baseball, you most likely will end up at a spring training game this spring. The Arizona weather is perfect and as always, we are shoveling sunshine! Eating out though can be tricky so follow along as I break it down ballpark style.

Let’s talk food. Are you trying keep your healthy habits going? You are screwed, Just kidding!

Baseball games are the perfect opportunity for mindless eating. The games are FOREVER long and most of our favorite past times include eating.

My advice, stay home! Again, I am kidding. The idea of creating healthy habits is to figure out how to do it outside of your home. For instance, learning how to control your want vs need.

5 Tips to Eating Out at the Ballpark

1.) Do your research before you hit the stadium if it’s possible.  A mindful way to eat out is to do your research before you head to the event. Sometimes though there will be no information online, so you just have to guess what types of foods will be there. Camelback Ranch has what they offer up and once regular season hits, here is Chase field‘s.

2.) Do not starve yourself before the game. The biggest way to put a road bump in your progress is to self sabotage. You think “I am going to the game later, I just won’t eat all day”; and that turns into nachos, with nacho cheese on your hotdog, soda, beer, and a popcorn. My biggest advice is to fill up on lean protein and veggies throughout the day before eating out at the baseball game.

3.) Pick one fun food item. Yes just one! It could be challenging to find healthier options so if you are a craving a hot dog, have the hotdog. You have to put on your adult pants though and pick a hot dog or a slice of pizza. Once you have the selected fun food, really enjoy it. If your fun food is wanting popcorn, share it with a friend! It’s hard adulting sometimes but I know your goals are worth it! Eat out mindfully.

4.) Water. This might sound crazy, but yes, drink water. It will help you to feel fuller which means eating less food and it can be crazy hot in Arizona. Do you want to learn more about your need for water consumption? click here

5.) Move. Want to prevent boredom eating, get up and walk a lap around the stadium. There is no rule that you have to wait till the seventh-inning stretch to move your body. Do it!

Bonus Tips

Bring your own healthy food. Yes!! Some of ballparks allow you to bring food, but I highly suggest you look it up before you bring it.

Don’t forget your Sunscreen! This is not a food tip, don’t eat sunscreen! Rather put it on your body. Skin cancer is not going to be a good time, I promise. Don’t forget to apply and re apply for your health.

Do you need one on one nutrition help? I am your coach! I completely reversed my health by losing 70+ lbs and kept it off and it all included balance. Schedule your free 30 minute consultation, here.

Life Changing Hair Products

6 weeks ago I decided to start changing my hair products to see if I could help my hair start to grow again. My hair has refused to grow the past 4/5 years. I do have hypothyroidism so I know that plays a role but it can’t be the whole picture. Having naturally thin hair already I can’t afford to lose any hair. Some friends told me follow Jasmine Rae on Instagram for hair tips. Her tips are awesome and my hair started to change! This where my hair was starting 6 weeks ago.

IMG_5811 2

The first thing I did was change my brushes. I bought Wet Brush Shine Brush & Wet Brush Original Detangler.


The 2nd thing I did was I started committing to hair training meaning I go a set number of days in between washes. I stick with it and by the last day before a wash I throw a hat on if I need to. The point is that your hair will stop producing so much oil. If you keep washing everyday it will keep producing the oil.

On the day that I wash my hair I start first with L’ange Tonique Mint Shampoo which acts a clarifier and helps get any build up away. Making sure I am just washing my scalp and massaging it. After Rinse out.


Then I wash my hair again (yes a second time) with my regular shampoo. I still had a bunch left so I want to use it up plus I like it. It’s called Wella Brilliance.  Wash and Rinse.


After I wash 2x I then 1x a week use a Keratin Mask Conditioner that sits in for 5 minutes. First you towel dry, brush your hair, and then apply the mask. Let it sit for 5 minutes and then rinse. Keratin is protein for the hair.

My current schedule is 2x a week I wash my hair. One time I use the Keratin Mask and the other time I use the above Wella Conditioner.


After it’s all rinsed out. I towel dry my hair and apply these products listed below. All have been life changing. My hair has completely changed textures from this new way of washing my hair and use of products. My hair is actually soft now.

Smoothing Botanical balm, Replenish leave in conditioner, and Rival Heat Shield all go in my hair before blow drying. click here  to find these products.


After 1 week of making the change my hair started to transform. Here it is in order week 1, 2, and 3

IMG_6021 2

I also changed from a curling iron to a wand. Here is the one I purchased. The wand works so well with my hair and I actually can now have 2nd and even 3rd day curls. This picture below is 2nd day curls. Less heat on your hair the better for hair growth and hair health.



Try these tips out and see how your hair changes. Here I am week 1 and week 6. I am happy to be on the road to happier healthier hair. It’s possible for you too!



If you want to try some of these L’ange products and get $5 off for you and $5 off for me click here