6 Week Glute Program



6 Weeks to Stronger Glutes….Do you have tight hip flexors? Do you sit? Do you run? Do you have tight glutes? Do you suffer from low back pain? I am sure you answered yes to one of those issues which makes YOU the perfect candidate for this program! Only $25 dollars to stronger glutes!

What does the $25 get you?

  • Access to my app where my workouts will be
  • 2 workouts a week + a bonus each week of foam rolling
  • Access to me 24/7
  • Videos of all the exercises to be performed
  • Option of home or gym version of workout
  • Before and After pictures + Measurements option in my app
  • Private FB community where I give additional tips on nutrition, exercise, and mental health



“Misty’s app is very easy to use and she’s great about checking in with everyone. The workouts are challenging and each exercise has a step by step video if you need help. I definitely saw results from the Glute Challenge and can’t wait to start the next challenge!” -Jen

“It has been such a joy working with Misty. I wanted to lose weight, eat healthier and improve my exercising/training routine. Misty makes sure I reach my goals but also takes the time explaining. With Misty’s app it is always on the go. Work out at home, the gym or quickly on a break at work. The app is knowledge with extremely user friendly information as well as motivation.”- Melissa

‘The mind body and health by Misty’ glutes program transformed my weak glutes into buns of steel. My Physical Therapist said having weak glutes was causing problems with my knee. Four weeks into the program my physical therapist noticed a big difference in my strength and when I shared with him the app he was very impressed with the exercises that were provided . I also started to feel improvement in my knee which was very encouraging. The app is easy to use with great reminders to keep you on track. Misty is a phenomenal trainer, she is knowledgeable in all areas of health and fitness and I would highly recommend this program to all my loved ones and friends. ‘-Christine Avelar

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