Self Care: My Favorite Face Products

If I were to give one piece of advice during this pandemic it would be to focus on self care! Our stress levels are high and maybe we are even experiencing some anxiety. I find that in order to keep my stress level managed I need to be using my favorite tools from my self care tool box.

One of my favorite self care rituals is using my daily and weekly face products. These products have been keeping my face clear and I am not seeing the breakouts I once was. I also love the glow these products give my face.

Daily face products

  1. I use the foaming face wash every day. I love that it’s a clean product but also that it has done a great job on my face and does a decent job of getting make up off.

2. I absolutely love the Andalou Revitalize Serum. I use this product day and night. My skin is always glowing with this product. A definite must try!

3. Insta Natural Retinol Moisturizer. This is another must try! I use this every night and have noticed a big difference in my face.

Weekly Face Products

Blackhead Power Liquid

Do you get black heads? COSRX blackhead power liquid can be used 2x a week. I currently have been using it 1x a week but have noticed a big difference using this products. I have less blackheads and my pores are getting smaller too.

I use the Andalou Glycolic Mask 1x a week. This product is my Friday ritual for self care! First of all it smells like fall, but secondly I absolutely love how my face looks after I use it. Love!

These are my favorite self care face products. Give them a try and see if you love them as much as I do.

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