My Trader Joe’s Must-Haves!

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Okay guys, if you are familiar with Mind, Body, and Health by Misty and are currently a part of my Facebook and/or Instagram then you know I love me some Trader Joe’s! It is definitely my go to store and they make it so easy to love them with their unique and healthy food options. Not to mention so many options are Macro friendly! Whether you are new to Macro nutrition or it’s already your current lifestyle I want to share a few of my Trader Joe’s must-haves with you! Continue reading

Macronutrients Part Three, Fats!

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Let’s chat about fats! It’s the final macronutrient we have to cover in our three part series discussing macronutrients. Taking it back real quick if you are reading this first (you can go back two blogs and read about carbs & proteins), what are Macronutrients? Macronutrients are substances needed by a living organism to thrive, and are generally required in large amounts. The human body must have macronutrients to properly function every day. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are a big deal to the human body and understanding why you need them and the proper amounts needed are super important to living a healthy lifestyle! I want to make sure to cover carbohydrates, proteins and fats clearly, so I have broken them down into three parts, one for each macronutrient. Continue reading