Get Out of a Bind with Amazon Prime Now!

It’s that time again… BACK TO SCHOOL! Don’t let your busy schedule and life stall your macro lifestyle! We all know Amazon is amazing, Amazon prime is the greatest, and let’s just all agree that Amazon Prime Now is the best thing EVER! You can literally hop on and pick macro friendly foods and in a short timeframe they will be delivered right to your door! I love it so much I want to share a few items you can quickly add to your cart to make a complete macro friendly dinner!

Sheet Pan Bake

This one is super simple and can be customized to your liking or to the options available at the time on Amazon Prime Now! Simply hop on Amazon Prime Now and go to the “shop by department” tab then select the “produce” option. Scroll through and select 3-5 different vegetables and add them to your cart! Then go back to the “shop by department” tab and select the “meat and seafood” option. Then do the same thing, scroll through and select your preference of meat. You can use any spices you have on hand to flavor. Then follow the directions below:

  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Line a large sheet pan with foil.
  3. Prep the veggies: wash and cut veggies into quarters and small slices depending on type.
  4. Prep meat: If you ordered meat that comes in a large size like chicken or sausage then cut into cubes or slices. If you ordered shrimp there is no need to cut it smaller.
  5. Place all veggies and meat on the sheet pan. Pour olive oil and any seasoning on top then toss to evenly coat all everything.
  6. Place another sheet of foil lightly on top, do not seal around the sides of the pan.
  7. Bake 15 minutes, remove from oven and take off top foil. Flip/mix all the veggies and meat around. Return to the oven and bake for another 10 minutes or until vegetables are crisp and tender and the meat is cooked through.

Make Your Own Salad

Okay here is another super simple customizable option to use with Amazon Prime Now. Go to the “shop by department” tab then select the “produce” option. Scroll through and select lettuce and a variety of different vegetables and add them to your cart! Then go back to the “shop by department” tab and select the “pantry” option. Then do the same thing, scroll through and select your preference of canned tuna, chicken, or even garbanzo beans. Don’t forget to make sure you have dressing and cheese, or you will have to add these to your cart too! Then follow the directions below:

  1. Wash all produce then cut up to desired size and toss in a bowl.
  2. Top with cheese.
  3. Drain canned meat or beans then add to salad.
  4. Finish with your choice of dressing and enjoy!

Don’t forget to use My Fitness Pal app to calculate the macros for the options you pick! If you want to know more about the My Fitness Pal app click here to check out my blog that’s all about it!

*I am not affiliated with Amazon or My Fitness Pal in any way.

Don’t dread your busy schedule any more. Amazon Prime Now makes it easy and convenient (you can literally use it on your phone anywhere you are) to place an order for groceries and ensure a delicious and healthy dinner!!

Back to School! Bento Boxes for the Win!

And they are off… I cannot believe it; my boys are officially in 2ndand 4thgrade! The first day of school went as expected, it was a bit of a heartbreaker. We recently moved resulting in the boys going to a new school this year. My youngest is not a fan of change and the whole move has been rough on him to say the least. The first day of school was accompanied by some tears, fortunately he has a wonderful teacher who turned his day around! My oldest made things a little easier on my mommy heart by going into the first day of school like a champ! Ultimately, we are all excited to see what this school year has in store for us!

MBH Back to school blog image of the boys

With the first day of school under my belt, I want to share how I pack the boy’s lunches! As a mom I know this can be a daunting task, so here are my tips & tricks to transform it into a rewarding one! I mean what’s better than knowing your kiddo is eating a well-balanced and nutritious meal at school?!


You guys, BENTO BOXES ARE WHERE IT’S AT!! They are perfect for keeping foods separate and making it so easy to pack all the right stuff. I plan ours out by protein, fruits, veggies, fat, and a little treat! I have one kiddo that is sweet and one that is salty, so I pack each box a little different. Just incase your wondering, I got my Bento boxes from amazon, I added the link if your interested, click here.

Did you know that micronutrition is healthy for kids too? Of course, their numbers are going to be different, but protein, fats, and carbs are still super important. I do not track macros for my kids, but I do try to make balanced meals based on the guidelines. Below are some great ideas you can try!

MBH back to school blog PROTEINMBH back to school image carbsMBH back to school blog image fatsDon’t let packing lunches bring you down. Get creative and have some fun! I promise your kids will love having fun and nutritious lunches at school! They will be the talk of the lunchroom! I always love sharing my favorite tips and tricks. Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the greatest things you could ever do for yourself and your family. I hope some of my favorite Bento Box ideas will become some of yours too! Good luck this school year!

Gas Station Haul, Macro Style!

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Imagine this…

Scenario #1: You’re a busy momma (or dad) and school is back in session. You have planned everything out meticulously and the first day of your busy school year is going smoothly, kids have been dropped off, errands are in order, you are good to go! Until, all of a sudden you are starving and realize it’s 12:45 and you still have a couple things to do and have to get gas before picking up kids. Continue reading

Increase Your Activity by Tracking!

MBHbymisty blog image tracking

Yes, yes, yes! Tracking your daily activity is important! It allows you to know if you are getting enough physical activity in your daily life. Also, by setting goals you are creating motivation to reach them daily. So, if you take all the aspects of tracking into consideration then yes, it’s important because it gets you MOVING! Continue reading