Increase Your Activity by Tracking!

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Yes, yes, yes! Tracking your daily activity is important! It allows you to know if you are getting enough physical activity in your daily life. Also, by setting goals you are creating motivation to reach them daily. So, if you take all the aspects of tracking into consideration then yes, it’s important because it gets you MOVING! Continue reading

Success Tools for Tracking Macros

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If you are living a macro lifestyle, you are aware that tracking your macros are very important. Counting macros can be a little confusing at first, but I am here to help along the way. I know you can do it, I will be here to encourage and support you the whole time. I have also created a list of helpful tools to set you up for success with tracking your macros! With these tools and me by your side, a healthier you is just around the corner! Continue reading

Keep your fruits & veggies fresher longer!

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If you are living or thinking of living a healthy life style, whether it’s counting macros or something similar, you are probably aware that it involves a whole lot of fresh foods! Well… let’s talk about preserving them, because no one likes to throw away food (money)! There are all kinds of great options when you are in the market for preserving fresh foods. They have some really nifty ones that are made specifically for fresh fruits and vegetables called Food Huggers. These super handy kitchen gadgets help to preserve fresh fruits, and vegetables just a bit longer and are a much better alternative to plastic wrap. They are a win, win because they keep your foods fresh and planet Earth a little bit cleaner. Continue reading

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Proper Water Intake! Drink Up!

It’s summertime and that means it’s HOT which hopefully has naturally caused you to be more aware of your water intake. However, did you know that it’s super important for you to always be aware of your water intake even when it’s not hot outside? Knowing and following through with proper water intake is just as important for your health as eating healthy and exercise. Continue reading

My Trader Joe’s Must-Haves!

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Okay guys, if you are familiar with Mind, Body, and Health by Misty and are currently a part of my Facebook and/or Instagram then you know I love me some Trader Joe’s! It is definitely my go to store and they make it so easy to love them with their unique and healthy food options. Not to mention so many options are Macro friendly! Whether you are new to Macro nutrition or it’s already your current lifestyle I want to share a few of my Trader Joe’s must-haves with you! Continue reading