“I LOVE food. Even though I’m active, I always feel like I eat too
much, and over the last year, I’ve started to notice the symptoms of my
assumption. After I began working with Misty to track my food intake,
it became obvious that the OPPOSITE was true! I haven’t been eating
enough, and my body has been in low-key-waiting-for-starvation mode.
Misty helped me develop a goal and a plan in order to make sure I have
the fuel I need for my lifestyle. It has been a challenge but having
access to the Mind, Body and Health by Misty community has helped me
realize how important it is to have a full and balanced intake of

Thanks again! I’m still struggling to hit my protein goal daily-
eating a lot of dairy seems to do the trick but I’m starting to get
sick of that. BUT I picked up some new products packed with protein so
hopefully they will be easy enough to incorporate.